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Stain Free, Family Friendly Upholstery Fabrics at Greenside, Johannesburg

Stain Free, Family Friendly Upholstery Fabrics at Greenside, Johannesburg

Mike’s Kitchen features FibreGuard

Mike’s Kitchen features FibreGuard fabrics from Centurion collection for the dining chairs upholstery in their entire kitchen restaurant including the ottomans that adds a value of comfort and warm, inviting atmosphere to the dining hall with its choices of gorgeous colors.

Gold, mustard yellow and deep reds create a cosy ambience at the corner right in front of their main door. Its plain texture made with 100% polyester is easy to clean as it is implemented with stain free technology perfect for any restaurant interior. FibreGuard fabrics are family friendly as they tackle stains easily. Kids and toddlers are always associated with chaos and mess, right? Well there is no need to worry when dining at restaurants furnished with FibreGuard fabrics. You can easily remove any stains on the seats by pouring water directly onto the stain and blot it away with a paper towel. You can ask the water and paper towel needed from the restaurant host on board, settle!

FibreGuard fabrics come with different choices with different collections, designs, colors and with lots of usage like curtains, sofa and even fabrics used for multipurpose like bed sheet or both sofa and curtain for a mix and match theme for your public area at home, offices, restaurants or cafes. Mike’s Kitchen was designed to suit its classic aura with modern and urban, soothing atmosphere of a restaurant and bar. Natural theme with the additional wood features of the book shelves adds a slight traditional South African vibe too. Leave us a message to learn more on FibreGuard fabrics!