Functionality meets Form

Freedom of movement is at the heart of FibreGuard’s latest collection, reinventing the essence of the European connection and her effortless elegance. There is no better time than now to transcend the status of home decor to become an iconic ethereal home of your freedom of style. 

Soft to the touch, comfortable textures, explicit lines, essential palatable colors emphasise the masculine/feminine spirit that is emblematic of your personal taste/touch. The easiest form of flattery. 

Insatiable Home Life Upgrade your home life to live-more-worry-less with low maintenance, easy to clean sublime European fabric sofas. This vision of FibreGuard fabric sofas, of daring creativity with quality uncompromised are still as present today. Creation defined by five codes: quality, function, form, classic, fusion beauty.

Any shape. Any color. Any style you want

It just got harder to pick a bad sofa

Don’t Shrink.

Fade or wear down.

Delivered As Promised Stain Resistant Fabrics That

More than half a million meters of these high quality fabrics on sofas are already deep seated in homes across the globe, creating an abundance of possibilities for ambience wonders. 

High fabric sofas punctuates the look you are after be it the Urban oriented style, Khaki mix linen Renaissance, Spring’s lightest and brightest or the Vintage ultimate. Your style, your rule. FibreGuard with it’s rigor of tweeds softened by the ethereal beauty of European fabrics will forever be your home styling accomplice


High fabric sofas punctuates the look. Rigor of a tweed soften by the ethereal beauty of European fabrics exuding

oeko tex

Quality and safe Fabric sofas

Non violence philosophy. No leather use. Industrial performance fabrics. Luxurious textures

Woven To Protect, Performance Fabrics

Proven both stain-resistant and long-lasting. FibreGuard fabrics are engineered from the inside out to perform – a result of years of research and testing by professional textile engineers and acclaimed interior designers. 

High Quality Durable Fabrics

The stain-resistant properties in FibreGuard fabrics has a permanent effect. That means, the stain-resistant properties last longer after washing or prolonged use. 

Behind The Scenes: Brand Integrity

The authenticity of FibreGuard sofas/products is guaranteed in Acacia Fabrics exclusive distribution network. FibreGuard from Acacia Fabrics sofas/products are only sold in these distribution networks which have a direct collaboration with sofa manufacturers who uphold the same quality integrity and brand promise. The elimination of any intermediary parties allow us to maintain the value for money with quality uncompromised. Following the corporate integrity at each level of fabrics/sofas/products production and supply chain, Acacia Fabrics respects the creativity of designers and artists, praise the workmanship of manufacturers, admire and celebrate designs, colors and textures and most of all loves mother-nature and grant significance in preserving our environment through every step of the value chain. Therefore, FibreGuard is a by-product of zero tolerance for violation and violence towards mother earth and animals

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