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Award-winning boutique interior design studio - Blu Water Studio, visits Acacia Fabrics Headquarters

One of the many important parts of interior designing when fabrics come into play is the hand-feel texture, how it drapes and how it flows. Acacia welcomes Blu Water Studio with a welcoming atmospheric floor-to-ceiling windows draped in multi-colored, multi-textured curtains, new line of curved sofa collections, dimmed lighting and plump cushions.

Feel Good Escape, Close to Home

Explore inspiring local attractions in the pulsating streets of Bukit Bintang in premium accommodations with signature comforts and style, manifested in its interior furnishings – premium quality sofas and drapes.

Upgraded FibreGuard Fabric Sofa at Flexis Haus showroom.

We want you to buy a sofa with confidence and knowledge that you are investing in something that not only looks great and trendy but would last a long time with comfort. 

A quality sofa will only use premium materials that you will be proud to call your own. Your choice of upholstery will have its own look. FibreGuard fabric sofas presents you with the confidence of both quality and widest choice in colors, textures and designs.

Into Your New Home at Trion 2 Condo by Binastra

Residences that embody traditional living and metropolitan cache that has been designed perfectly to raise a family and for entertaining friends and family alike. The experience begins in the welcoming environment decorated with premium imported fabrics from Belgium. There’s always something somewhere to drape and embellish in a place you call home.

Professional Sofa cleaning at Kuala Lumpur for @elecherlee 's family

We visited Elecher Lee’s home to solve her cleaning needs on upholstery. Circle Clean is a service professional cleaning dept of Acacia Fabrics Sdn Bhd.

Joyce Lounging on Acacia Sofa

Latest Bold, Confident and Sharp Curtain and Sofa Inspiration. See and shop New and premium fabrics in the widest selection all under one roof for sofas and curtains. Over 20,000 designs to choose from with stain-free, easy clean and non-violence to animals features.

The Acacia Gallery European Premium Fabric Sofas & Curtains

Acacia is a premium lifestyle brand that offers the latest modern contemporary fabric sofas and curtains. A destination for fine quality and designer pieces suitable for any type of abode and interior concepts.

Turn Your Home into A Vacation

Residential interior concepts that boast people-centered-culture. An inspiration that connects simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Buying a Sofa for my Home with a pet

Style preferences are a personal choice but when it comes to choosing a good-quality sofa, there should be criteria to pay attention to, so that you can be happy with your sofa for many years. Check the Sofa for Safety, amongst other things:

– fire retardant

– non toxic dye stuff

– Oekotex 100 – anti bacterial

– anti microbial

– anti mildew

Check the Fit. Check the Upholstery Fabrics. Check the Joinery. Evaluate the Frame. Feel the Padding and Cushion. Feel the Arms. Test the Springs.

Sharing Classic Weave Pattern Fabrics with the Cultural Heritage of Ormond Hotel at The Chow Kit

Experience the warmth of hospitality at Ormond Hotel – The Chow Kit nurturing a sense of belonging like being at home. Chill out and feel the European fabrics that soften the hotel ambience completing their interior decor and furniture.

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Tested and certified easy to clean fabrics

FibreGuard is the result of years of research and testing by interior designers and textile engineers. Our focus at FibreGuard is to be what we call ‘life-friendly’: offering easy to clean fabrics ready to stand up to anything daily life can throw at them.


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Langsir Terkini, Beauty Queen vs Curtains

Mood Fabrics Explosion – the ‘Ahh-ha’ moment with the perfect blend of whimsy and fun house decor activity with Langsir Terkini

There is no better time for fashion-lovers to flaunt and get into the drama explosion of twirling and swaying with beautiful mood fabrics.


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Sofa Bed and Couch, Your Perfect Other Half in Life.

How can we not have a crush on them when they are irresistibly charming, close to our hearts?

Sofa beds and couches have become the epicentre of anyone’s domestic life – providing a communal platform, a comforting and safe place for the family


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See. Touch. Langsir Terkini, Feel Premium Curtain and Sofa Fabrics As You Jet-Set. Mood Fabrics Catalogue At Your Service.

See. Touch. Langsir Terkini, Feel Premium Curtain and Sofa Fabrics As You Jet-Set. Mood Fabrics Catalogue At Your Service.


by AcaciaCurtain.Co

Couch and Sofa Fabric, Impress Your Date as a Home Decor Rocket Scientist

We tend to try hard when it comes to dating. Having lack of conversation topic? Hey! Fret not. As an industry leader in fabric and textile distribution, we are here to assist you on selecting fabrics that are suitable for your sofa, and curtains too. We decided to create this light hearted video while roping in our reseller as an actor 😂.


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Langsir Terkini dan Sofa Pilihan Kediaman Millennial Masa Kini

Fabrik langsir dan sofa bebas cela – Stain Resistant – dengan warna dan reka bentuk terkini yang tahan lama dan selamat direka khas untuk anda dan keluarga.


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L Shaped Sofa Searching: Enhancing Your Habitat

There’s always a sofa for everyone. Ode to premium and exquisite sofa fabrics that are affordable and easy to clean.


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Hide and Sleek in Simple Curtain Design.

Be it curtains, drapes or shades in different types of fabrics, the first thing to always consider when purchasing the right window covering is the amount of light you want entering the room.


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Stain Cleaning On Your Premium Sofa Covers; and Your Langsir Terkini, Is A Piece Of Cake..

Staying In Is The New Black.
Hanging out with buddies at home has become a relaxing choice – flaunting your modern curtain designs and couch while you’re at it.


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Live Healthy, Breathe Healthy with Safe Fabrics.

Using Non-Toxic Safe Fabrics For Your Curtains and Sofas At Home. Say No To Nasty Stuff.

Feel So Good With Acacia

Modern sofas for families, fabrics are easy to maintain


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