You are currently viewing Maximum Privacy with Blackout Curtains at Casa Cook Hotel, Greece

Maximum Privacy with Blackout Curtains at Casa Cook Hotel, Greece

Maximum Privacy with Blackout Curtains at Casa Cook Hotel, Greece

Casa Cook Hotel FR-One Greece


Each of the hotels in the Casa Cook chain fit seamlessly together, but are unique in their own ways. Whether framed by the ocean or mountainous range in the backdrop, the hoteliers behind the Casa Cook concept find inspiration in the surrounding landscapes as well as in the local culture. The hotels take a unique approach to space by striking a perfect balance between private and shared spaces, allowing guests the freedom to choose whichever they’d prefer to socialise in their vibrant communal spaces or cuddle up with a good book in their cozy, cocoon-like room. The Casa Cook experience is truly all about community, they’ve connected a diverse, multi-faceted tribe of travelers from foodies to trekkers to soul-searchers to beach buffs.

Casa Cook hotels are driven by architecture and design that is simultaneously cosmopolitan and down-to-earth, full of character yet inclusive of the finer details. Part of these details are the Fr-One fabrics the designers have thoughtfully incorporated into the overall aesthetic of Casa Cook’s Greek branch. Patrons are treated to a luxurious deep sleep with FR-One blackout curtains which are excellent light absorbers. It is difficult for our bodies to get the rest we need when there is sunlight streaming into our rooms so opaque curtains help block light from entering the room so a quality night’s sleep can be enjoyed – a holiday with Casa Cook and its blackout curtains will truly be a rejuvenating one. Furthermore, the blackout curtains also act as sound absorbers, allowing guests to retire to their safe, serene haven of calm after an exciting time socialising with other travellers in the common spaces. Needless to say, blackout curtains are also perfect for ensuring maximum privacy for patrons!

The tiniest details add so much value to even the classiest hotels – FR-One fabrics add so much character to every space!