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Fabrics Trendsetter Blends with Architectural Masterpiece in Barcelona

Fabrics Trendsetter Blends with Architectural Masterpiece in Barcelona

Hotel Barcelona 1882 FR-One Spain

Overlooking the warm and rustic houses of Spain, is Hotel Barcelona 1882, a jazzy four star hotel well known for its modern and chic design. Recognized by Re Think Hotel 2018 as one of the top ten most sustainable hotel renovation projects in Spain, it gets its name from the year the very first stone of the famous La Sagrada Familia basilica was laid. Because of this, it is popular among eager tourists, since it is just a six minute stroll from the century old World Heritage Roman Catholic Basilica. The hotel boasts 182 rooms, each furnished with our very own FR-One fire retardant fabrics, curtains and upholstery. The building is also well known for its lush greenery and has a slightly minimalistic open concept, giving it a well-lit and spacious feel. The hotel features a beautifully designed gym, refreshing saltwater pool and fancy cocktail bar for guests to unwind in, all while providing an unparalleled view of the city.

Hotel Barcelona 1882 wanted to pay tribute to the architectural masterpiece of La Sagrada Familia and to the genius who created it, a Catalan Modernist pioneer for his time with a unique interpretation of nature and architectural style. In line with their philosophy of craftsmanship, personalization and respect towards the environment, Hotel 1882 in collaboration with GCA Architects have chosen to furnish their rooms with Fr-One fabrics, which, incidentally is also Oeko-Tex certified. An Oeko-Tex label means the fabrics are free of any environmentally harmful chemical!

Available in a wide and expansive array of colors and patterns, Fr-One is incredibly well suited for any interior. Hotel Barcelona 1882, in particular, uses warm tones like browns and mustards for their upholstery fabrics. Not only practical, but also fashionable, FR-One curtains and upholstery fully combines the latest technical excellence with trend setting quality and design, providing both artistic inspiration and peace of mind. Our FR-One label certifies that a fabric is inherently and permanently Fire Retardant, right down to the molecular level, therefore ensuring its everlasting never before seen properties.