No more stains with FibreGuard fabrics in Mont Kiara, Malaysia

Acacia Success Story - Mont Kiara Malaysia living Eden Designs

by Jo-Hann

Picture this. Its eight o’clock on a Friday evening, and you are all ready to wind down. You are in your most comfortable, plush pair of pyjamas, and you have a warm, cosy mug of Milo clasped within your hands. As you lift it up, the chocolatey aroma fills your nostrils, and you take a sip. Ouch! Unfortunately, the warm beverage turned out to be too hot, which causes you to splash the dark chocolate all over your new white couch. Thoughts race through your mind, but you rest easy, sit back and cool your drink, knowing that FibreGuard has got your back.

That’s right, FibreGuard fabrics are incredibly easy to clean. With just a few spritzes of water, and a dab of ordinary soap, you get extraordinary results. Red wine stains, marker pen drawings and burger grease come off easily, becoming minor obstacles. The specially woven threads are stain resistant, which helps bring peace to your mind. Because of this, we are a favourite among restaurants and families with children.

The fabrics are made with high quality material, and are pet friendly because they are free from harmful chemicals. We are certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX which means that our fabric goes through intensive testing before being released. At Acacia, we care for your wellbeing.

Our clients at Living Eden Design recently installed two of our fabric collections into a Mont Kiara residency. The first was the Evoke collection, which sports very beautiful, diamond shaped patterns. The colours offered in this collection look well together, creating a balanced feel.

The next collection is called Dynamo, which is a plain, textured fabric, assisting one in creating a room with a lighter, more playful atmosphere.

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