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Have you Met FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics in Dubai?

Have you Met FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics in Dubai?

The Metropolitan FR-One Dubai


Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Dubai, The Metropolitan Hotel Dubai is a premium 4 star hotel in a modular building with rustic charm. The Metropolitan Hotel is well equipped with a gym, shisha room, rooftop swimming pool computer and printing facilities. Meeting and events are also possible to be held within its five hundred capacity ballroom. Built in 1979, the original Metropolitan Hotel is one of the pioneer hotels in Dubai. For over 40 years, the name has held a place in people’s hearts as ‘The Met’, a home away from home. It closed its doors in 2013 to make way for Al Habtoor city and a new Metropolitan Dubai reopened 3 years later.

The client, Hitec, has chosen FR-One fire retardant fabrics to furnish the comfortable rooms of this delightful hotel. The fabrics provide each room with contemporary personality, a cosy atmosphere and a safe night’s sleep, in line with the hotel’s vision. FR-One is the brand you can trust for furnishings and upholstery which are not simply visually appealing but have navy-grade safety as well. Their undefeated fire retardant capabilities meet even the most demanding fire retardant regulations. It complies with even the strictest of international standards including the German DIN 4102, British BS 5867 and French NF P 92 503 507. You’ll find FR-One fabrics in elegant luxury hotels and rugged marine vessels alike.

Fr-One fabrics are also a firm favourite with interior designers worldwide because of the expansive array of colours, textures and designs. From chenille and velour sofa fabrics to beautiful damask and patterned sheer curtain fabrics, FR-One’s trendsetting collections are sure to mesmerise. The secret of its durable longevity and quality lie deep within its fibres. FR-One furnishings are not simply coated with any cheap or toxic topical chemicals; instead, their fire retardant nature runs right down to the very molecular level of the fabrics.