You are currently viewing An Intense Love for FibreGuard in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

An Intense Love for FibreGuard in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

An Intense Love for FibreGuard in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

Living Eden Design FibreGuard Malaysia


Our weekly series of Success Stories have taken you around the world and shown you what our fabrics have done for Michelin-starred restaurants and top-tier accommodations. Today, we bring you a little closer to home and show you how your living space can be transformed into a luxurious oasis of calm.

Headboards are largely overlooked bedroom furniture pieces which serve more than just aesthetic purposes. The soft fabric headboards installed in our Malaysian client’s home by Living Eden Design are great insulators of sound and prevent soundwaves from echoing off the walls – perfect for those living amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Headboards are also great to lean on when you’re sitting up with your significant other for a midnight chat or when you breakfast in bed!

The client opted for a neutral shade from our Intense collection – the 08-Linen design is an excellent addition to minimalist spaces as its beige-like colour is reminiscent of pristine, serene surroundings. Even if minimalism is not the pursued aesthetic, this simplicity and versatility of this design makes it a welcome inclusion to most surroundings.

Yet, light shades of upholstery fabric do raise certain concerns. What if I have young children? Or house pets? Or maybe, I’m just a little messy? Light-coloured fabrics are often associated with the houseproud bachelorette but you’ll be glad to know that even if there are spills, soils or smudges, Intense is from our FibreGuard line of fabrics. FibreGuard fabrics are stain-free! This means that with just a little water and just a tiny amount of soap, you’ll be able to dab all the mess (and stress!) away. Oh and they’ve endured 35000 double rubs from the Wyzenbeek test so you know that these fabrics are here to grow old with you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer mom with three messy boys or the neatest person on your street – FibreGuard fabrics gives you the spick-and-span home you always dreamed of.