You are currently viewing Durable Fire Retardant Fabrics in Club Med Punta Cana

Durable Fire Retardant Fabrics in Club Med Punta Cana

Durable Fire Retardant Fabrics in Club Med Punta Cana

Club Med Punta Cana Fr-One Dominican Republic


Located on the breath-taking Caribbean island of Hispaniola, Club Med Punta Cana provides an unforgettable getaway for couples and families alike. Hispaniola is split into two separate sovereign nations: in the east, the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic and in the west, the French-Creole speaking Haiti. Club Med is one the world’s most renowned all-in holiday resorts. One is never quite at a loss for what to do in the resort – the Punta Cana branch in particular offers activities like kitesurfing and scuba-diving for adrenaline junkies and has a fully equipped spa by luxury wellness brand L’Occitane for those who prefer a more relaxing pace.

Just as how Club Med Punta Cana caters to the different needs of their guests, so do FR-One fabrics cater for the varying requirements of interior spaces. The inherent fire-retardant nature of the fabrics makes them a requirement in navy vessels. At first, the idea of Fr-One fabrics in navy vessels appears to paint these textiles in a hard-wearing and durable light (criteria which FR-One fabrics certainly fulfil). Yet, the fabrics from this same line are the ones furnishing the lobbies, bedrooms and poolside cabana lounges of five-star luxury hotels and resorts including Club Med Punta Cana. FR-One fabrics are both rugged and elegant, practical and ornamental, simple yet astonishingly stylish – Fr-One fabrics truly allow you to embrace the best of both worlds.

From chenille and velour sofa coverings to timeless damask drapes, FR-One’s trendsetting collections create upholstery centrepieces which guarantee safety in an extensive range of environments. FR-One fabrics are perfect in high traffic areas as they are highly durable, having endured rigorous friction lab tests but are also suited to the home, as they are conveniently washable. A staple in five-star resorts like Club med Punta Cana and in marine vessels, will you treat you space to fashionable, fire-retardant fabrics today?