You are currently viewing FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics Are Beyond Your Wildest Emaargination

FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics Are Beyond Your Wildest Emaargination

FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics Are Beyond Your Wildest Emaargination

Emaar FR_One UAE


A premier global providerĀ of enriching, personal and memorable lifestyle experiences, the Emaar hospitality group of Dubai is an up and coming influential leader in luxury accommodations. The group has begun its rise into international markets and is steadily expanding its empire. Their hotels feature intuitive design, convenience and impeccable service, creating a sanctuary for the modern traveller. Their hotels and resorts are strategically located in key business districts and destinations.

The award winning Emaar hospitality group is well known for its business and leisure clubs that offer a variety of convivial entertainments. The Polo and Equestrian Club is just one of the fine paradigms of their spectacular facilities. The group also manages a collection of world class restaurants in some of the most exclusive of locations. At.mosphere eatery, which is located on the hundred and twenty-secondth floor of the Burj Khalifa serves a fine array of delectable dinners, all accompanied by the breath taking views of the vast Arabian Gulf.
Emaar group, staying true to its promise of delivering memorable experiences, trusts and uses FR-One fabrics. Their project partner; Emaar Development also agrees that world class hospitality must be accompanied by world class fabrics. Similarly, an aesthetic home must have appealing fabrics. FR-One provides that opportunity, with our large collection of irresistible colours and patterns, perfectly suited for any interior design. Our exquisiteness are more than meets the eye, as our Fr-One fabrics, curtains and upholstery are able to persevere through tests of scorching fire. Our fabrics comply with even the strictest of international laws, demonstrating our supreme longevity and quality. The secret is within the threads, which are made of fire retardant fibres that are safe and comfortable. Most of our FR-One collections have a sound dampening effect, securing you from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. FR-One fire-retardant Fabrics are truly beyond our wildest emaargination.