The placement and style of your sectional sofa are important, either in a large open space or a smaller cosy one.

Style Your Sectional Sofa to Perfection


What is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is made up of at least two or more pieces that can be assembled in various configurations. This versatility allows the sectional sofa to be adjusted to fit the layout of your room and the needs and preferences of your family. Apart from being a great home décor piece, its quintessential L-shaped or U-shaped design makes it a wonderful island for casual chat. The placement and style of your sectional sofa are important, either in a large open space or a smaller cosy one. Have you found your perfect sectional sofa yet? Here are a few ideas for arranging your space with sectional sofas that you can draw inspiration from:


1. Make the most of your space   


Are you worried that a sectional sofa will take up too much space in your small living room? Well, the truth is, sectionals are not only practical for large spaces, but also for smaller ones. A small living room, however, can often accommodate a sectional with the right furniture configuration and the right sectional shape. For example, a chaise sectional or a small L-shaped sectional sofa can make the most of the space. Ideally, you should position your sectional sofa in a corner or against a wall, facing the television. In this manner, the room can be opened up, and the seating can be maximised without interfering with the flow of the next room.


2.    Set up a conversation den


Are you thinking of creating an ideal space to encourage conversation in your house? People are most comfortable in conversation areas that work for them. No matter if you are alone or with a company, they should make you feel at ease. Consider the combination of a U-shaped or L-shaped sectional sofa with a loveseat and armchairs in your living room. Regardless of whether there is a television or not in the room, this design works well. Sturdy side tables can double duty as stools, maximising the space to increase the number of seats in the room. A massive coffee table can be placed at the center, which can be used to serve snacks or drinks or even as an area to gather around for a night of board games.


3. Define the space with a rug


When it comes to defining spaces, putting a rug under your sectional sofa is a simple method to do it. Rugs can create the perfect cosy ambiance and make your seating area more inviting and the perfect place to catch up with family and friends. There are several choices when coupling a sectional sofa with a rug. You can opt for an extremely huge, enormous rug that can lie beneath the entire sectional sofa, and also other furniture pieces in the living space, such as the coffee table and a side table. This kind of rug placement can add a stylistic flair to your living space as it acts as a statement piece and a focal point of the area. Furthermore, it is a fantastic choice for an open-plan living space since it marks the seating area. Another great alternative is by placing a smaller, colourful rug directly in the center of an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional sofa. This is a creative way to incorporate colours and patterns into your living space. Apart from that, if you like your living area to appear pleasant, warm, and inviting, you may also place a massive neutral rug beneath the leg of your sectional sofa.


4.Cosy it up with throw pillows


Throw pillows are essential home décor pieces that can be added to your sectional sofa as it usually has a deeper seat compared to normal couches. If your creative mood comes, you may change the texture and colour schemes of the pillows. In each corner of the sectional sofa, you can add a base pillow and match it with an accent pillow. It is not always necessary to match your throw pillows; you can also style your sectional sofa by mixing and matching different patterns, textures, and colours with a coordinated look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the sizes; bigger cushions can be put at the back, while smaller ones should go in front.


5.Use pit sectional sofas


You can make a comfy pit out of your sectional sofa if you truly wish to elevate the level of comfort in your living room. A pit sofa is a couch that forms a typically huge square or rectangular pit for people to relax in. The pit sofa is often made up of six or more pieces that may be easily separated and joined together, forming a bed-like shape that will make your TV-watching or napping experience more cosy and pleasant. As stated previously, you may even fill them with throw cushions to enhance their cosiness! If you have children, one of the huge advantages of this sofa is that it is ideal for sleepovers. Its depth, width and cosiness prevent your children and their buddies from falling off or be squashed in like other overnight couches do.


6. Honour the focal point of the room


It is common for living rooms to be laid out around one or more focal points. A great arrangement of your sectional sofa is by honouring the focal point of the space. From a fireplace or television to an accent wall or a window overlooking your garden, your focal point can be anything you plan to spend the most time looking at and doing in the space. If you choose your garden window as the focal point, it is ideal for the sectional sofa to be positioned wherever most people will be able to view the garden window. This would mean arranging your sectional sofa directly across the garden window, allowing those sitting on the sofa to admire the landscape.


7. Choose a fabric modular sofa 


Sofa materials play an important role in the overall appearance of the room. Is a contemporary, slick style what you’re looking for? Then maybe a fabric modular sofa is the right choice for you. The sheer variety of fabric patterns, textures, and colours makes it easier to match existing decor and get the look you’re trying to achieve. Fabric sofas usually have stain-resistant finishes, so spills are easy to clean with specialty products or a handheld steam cleaner. In most cases, the grade of fabric determines the durability of fabric sofas. Fabrics made from high-quality materials will withstand wear and tear.


8. Pair it up with an ottoman


One disadvantage of an L-shaped sectional sofa is that you can only place your feet up on one side. But you can boost the comfort level of your sectional sofa by simply placing an ottoman on the other side to form an improvised chaise lounge. Ottomans are available in many different shapes: you can pair them up with different styles of your sectional sofa. For example, a round-shaped ottoman is ideal for a sectional sofa with rounded or wedged corners. If you have a U-shaped sectional sofa or one with equal lengths on both sides, consider adding a square ottoman, whereas a rectangular ottoman looks great with an L-shaped sectional sofa. Select one with a hollow centre if you require additional storage space. For comfortable leg propping, you should pick an ottoman that has the same height as your seat.


9. Add a statement art


Are you searching for ideas on how to decorate your living space? You can create a powerful focal point in your living room by hanging a stunning piece of statement art above your sectional sofa. Statement art is an excellent choice for the enormous footprint of many sectionals, as they are often larger, bolder, and more colourful than other art pieces. There are no incorrect answers when it pertains to art and design; therefore, don’t be hesitant to be adventurous with your decorating. Try to mix and match multiple variations and sizes of statement art.


10. Float it off the wall


Do you have a large living area that you wish to start filling? You can position your sectional sofa at least a couple of feet off the wall, which is referred to as floating. It is recommended to float the sectional in the middle of a large room; to form a buffer, or a room within a room. Because the sectional sofa has its own area in the middle, this positioning floats or causes it to stand out more. Another reason it is termed floating furniture is that having it in the centre of the room will enhance the look of the living space.  Having it float off the wall allows you to place furniture behind it in order to maximise your living room space. For instance, to make a more appealing design, you may want to try adding a low console or bookshelf at the back of your sectional sofa.


11. Choose a sectional sofa with a lower back


A sectional sofa with a lower back will create a visual illusion that your couch appears longer while giving the impression of space around it. Compared to a sectional sofa with a higher back, a lower back sectional sofa does not create a barrier to the visual flow. This lower back design may also be used to match existing elements in your living space strategically. For example, if you are placing the sofa against a window, using a lower back sectional sofa will not conceal the bottom of the windows like a higher back would. This allows the light from the windows to illuminate the whole space, creating a natural setting for reading and unwinding.


12. Separate the living space


Do you have a house with an open concept floor plan? Rather than having separate rooms with walls between them, open concept rooms open onto each other to form one bigger area. Try using your sectional sofa to divide an open-concept space or a studio apartment. Placing a sectional couch is a great way to create a fake wall between two rooms, enabling you to separate your living space into the kitchen, living room, and dining room.   For example, the length of an L-shaped sectional sofa may be used to indicate the end of the living room and provide a barrier between the living room and dining room. Dividers are useful in tiny spaces, but make sure you select a sofa with a chaise of the adequate length. Using an excessively long chaise may clutter and overload your living space. On the other hand, it won’t be that much of a divider if the chaise is too short. Besides, choosing subtly different but complementary colour schemes in different rooms can further differentiate them so much more.


13. Embrace flexibility with a modular sectional sofa


A modular sofa is defined as two or more chair-sized small parts that may be put together to form a larger L-shaped or U-shaped sofa. You may also rearrange them into various segments in your living space, depending on the size of your space and lifestyle. An advantage of modular sofas is that they may be positioned in nearly any part of your house. You may configure the sofa to fit your small space, which can be placed to avoid barriers such as doorways or windows. You can add extra pieces to fit a larger space. They help to maximize your space while being easily manoeuvrable. It is much more convenient to carry modular sofas, as they are made up of small parts. Hauling each component will be easier than carrying the entire sofa. They will also pass through doorways and around corners more easily.



Sectional or modular sofas look as beautiful in small living spaces as they do in large homes. Finding the right fit depends on your preferences and needs. It is important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and style before making your choice.

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