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These Fire-Retardant Fabrics Blu Us Away in Rwanda

These Fire-Retardant Fabrics Blu Us Away in Rwanda

Radisson Blu Hotel FR-One Rwanda


Just a few minutes away from the bustling city centre lies the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention centre. The hotel has unique architectural designs and is well frequented. Its strategic location near several government embassies – the British High Commission, the Parliament and the Supreme Court – make it a favourite among diplomats and white-collared professionals. Food and beverage are also easy to access, with restaurants of a wide variety of cuisines such as Italian available within the hotel itself. The hotel features over two hundred and ninety rooms, all fitted with private balconies and top quality amenities, pampering guests with sophisticated comfort. The rooms are also furnished with our very own FR-One fire retardant fabrics, curtains and upholstery, cocooning each guest with safety and peace of mind.

Radisson Blu Hotel chose an earthy and clay colour scheme for their interior design in order to match the dazzling city skyline, installed by Orsini SPI LLC. Due to the wide selection of colours and designs available in FR-One’s library, there is a something for every taste and purpose. From accentuating the surrounding landscape to matching the colour of a room or making a building stand out, FR-One fabrics are the perfect choice for any situation. With a quality and standard like no other, FR-One fabrics are the top of the market for fire retardant fabrics, complying even with the toughest of international fire standards. Our fabrics are not sprayed with any noxious chemicals which may harm your loved ones; instead, our lab researchers work tirelessly to ensure that fire retardancy is woven into every thread, ensuring long lasting premium safety. Even though our fabrics are durable and colour fast, every piece is easily machine washable allowing you to prioritise cleanliness and hygiene. FR-One fabrics also have strong sound absorption properties. Tested under ISO 354-11654, most of our designs are classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B.

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