Simply Inn Love with FR-One Fire-retardant Fabrics at Hilton Garden Inn, Dubai

Hilton Garden Inn FR-One-Dubai


A luxury hotel chain that needs no further introduction, Hilton recently opened a fourth hotel in their Garden Inn series in Dubai. Located at the prime areas in the Mall of Emirates, Al-Muraqabat, Al-Jadaf and Al-Mina respectively, these accommodations represent strategic additions to the award-winning brand’s expanding portfolio of over 650 hotels and resorts globally. The hotels provide convenient access to the diplomatic district of the city as well to some of the most well connected airports in the world. Synonymous with the opulence and the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, Hilton Garden Inns are designed with savvy business travellers in mind with facilities to feast, stay fit and work efficiently during their comfortable stay.  To add to the experience, Hilton Garden Inn hotels in Dubai enlisted the services of Lanees to assist them in furnishing their hotels with smart yet safe fire-retardant fabrics.

An OEKO-TEX certified label, FR-One fire retardant fabrics provide an array of stylish, elegant designs for the environmentally conscious consumer and hotelier. The OEKO-TEX label confirms that chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment were not used or released in the making of the fabrics; thus, not only are FR-One fabrics safe, they are fully sustainable as well. Sustainability does not mean drab – far from it, in fact! With one of the largest array of fabrics to choose from, FR-One has something for everyone. From the posh to the professional, from the simple to the sultry, the quality collections of textures, patterns, designs and weaves serves even the most detailed eye. These versatile and multi-purpose selections span cushions, couches and curtains, just to name a few, so you know your fabric needs are met. FR-One has been the primary choice of upholstery fabrics for top hoteliers like Hilton Garden Inn, award-winning interior designers and proud home owners. Will FR-One be your choice today?