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Multipurpose and Highly Versatile Fire Retardant Fabrics in Portugal

Multipurpose and Highly Versatile Fire Retardant Fabrics in Portugal

Hotel Orca Praia Fr-One Portugal

Just 15km away from Madeira Airport, Hotel Orca Praia is set on the high cliffs of Funchal, overlooking an expansive volcanic black sand and pebble beach. Magnificent sunset views steal the show, with the hypnotic sounds of waves crashing in the background.

Hotels are high traffic areas with a myriad of guests checking in and out every day. To cater to the different lifestyles and needs of their guests, Hotel Orca Praia have wisely chosen to furnish their spaces in FR-One fire retardant fabrics. Especially in pandemic times where hygiene and health are of utmost importance, FR-One takes the lead in allowing hoteliers to ensure that guests are treated to a safe environment. Fr-One fabrics are easily machine washable – what’s more, with their inherently fire retardant properties, despite many washes over many years, the fabrics continue to be fire retardant.

The hotel comes fully equipped with a swimming pool overlooking the azure sea, a diving centre to cater for thrill seekers and a mindfulness spa for those looking to take a slower pace to life’s busyness. Still, when guests retire for the day, a quiet, private enclave is what they hope to return to. Tested under ISO 354-11654, FR-One fabrics have strong sound absorption properties and are even classified as “Extremely Absorbing”. This means guests can enjoy the serenity of their rooms without having to experience the disruptive sounds of footsteps along the corridor or the crying baby next door.
FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics present an extensive variety to suit every taste, space and budget. The multi-purpose and highly versatile fabrics can be used for curtains, furniture, upholstered beds and soft furnishings, just to name a few. Having furnished 5-star hotels the likes of Hilton, Sheraton and Four Seasons, Fr-One allows you to bring luxury right into your home.