You are currently viewing Fire Retardant Fabrics in an urban chic interior pub at Athens

Fire Retardant Fabrics in an urban chic interior pub at Athens

Fire Retardant Fabrics in an urban chic interior pub at Athens


Birdman, Athens – a new hot spot for a fusion of Japanese yakitori pub and grill as well as great Greek culinary heritage! Dark reddish purple, maroon FR-One fabric on the sofa next to the main door complements the urban chic interior and you would definitely enjoy the joyful atmosphere. FR-One fabrics present you with thousands of color selections. We combine colors, quality and designs for every interior enthusiasts like all of you. It is a worthy investment for all restaurant owners because FR-One fabrics are fire-retardant and have self-extinguish characteristics so we can assure their diners’ safety at all times without worries.

FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics are rigorously tested in laboratories and are certified for its durability, colour fastness, stability and strength. They comply with the demanding fire standards worldwide so they will keep you secure from fire. You would have a peace of mind and could enjoy food as you dine in at Birdman as the fabrics are environmentally safe and not harmful to your health as they would not release any harmful finish to the air. Have you ever spilt some sake or shoyu and it drips into the fabric? No worries. FR-One fabrics are fully washable so bartenders, continue the show to the patrons seated! 

Be free and stay calm on the sofa while waiting to be served. Feel the soft, upholstered with FR-One fabrics sofa at Birdman, Athens. Check out their Japanese style decor using fabrics from FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics while savouring marvelous Japanese art cuisine such as yakitori, kushiyaki and niku-style meat prepared on robata-style grill and served at the open kitchen-counter. As we prepare FR-One fabrics usage for a wide range of environments with a wide range of budgets, leave us a message as we would be glad to answer your FR-One fabrics sofa inquiries or questions.