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Magnificent Fire Retardant Fabrics in Hilton Kuwait

Magnificent Fire Retardant Fabrics in Hilton Kuwait

Hilton Kuwait FR-One Kuwait


Just a 20 minute drive from the International Kuwait Airport lies the majestic 5-star Hilton Kuwait Resort. Strategically located near popular Kuwaiti landmarks, the hotel is well known for its Arabian style hospitality and comfort. Besides ballrooms, exercise facilities and spas, all of which are wheelchair accessible, Hilton Kuwait Resort has a 1750 meter long private beach, exclusive only to hotel guests. The hotel staff are also multilingual, ensuring that guests always feel at home. The designers of this magnificent hotel wanted to amplify such vibes, and so chose to furnish their suites with our very own FR-One curtains and upholstery.

Fr-One fabrics are pleasing to the eye and well suited for any setting; they’re perfect for hotels, homes, cruise ships, offices and even public buildings. Its countless collection of colours gives it the ability to transform any desired space into a most magnificent designer masterpiece. Not only offering stunning beauty, but also guaranteeing safety because of its superior top of the market fire retardant properties. How can we be sure? It is because FR-One fabrics have undergone extensive trials literally by fire. These trials ensure that they meet even the most demanding fire standards in your country, including, but not limited to, adherence to the American NFPA 701 and Italian UNI 9177 standards. The secret to FR-One’s superior quality is deep in its threads. Our FR-One furnishings and fabrics are not just simply sprayed with any harmful chemical topical treatments; instead, their very molecular structure is fire retardant. This ensures that every micrometre of fabric is engineered to be permanently fire-retardant even after many years and many washes. Our fabrics also have strong sound absorption properties. Tested under the strict ISO 354-11654, almost all of our designs are classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B.

Looking for the right fabrics? Your search is done. Choose FR-One.