You are currently viewing No Pain, No Stain with FibreGuard Fabrics at Hotel Vilnia, Lithuania

No Pain, No Stain with FibreGuard Fabrics at Hotel Vilnia, Lithuania

No Pain, No Stain with FibreGuard Fabrics at Hotel Vilnia, Lithuania

Hotel Vilnia FibreGuard Lithuania


A land of lush greens, popular tourist spots and hot air balloons, the cosy Lithuanian capital is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval Old Town. Vilnius is a historically rich city. Its cobblestoned streets reflect diverse styles and eras. Hotel Vilnia is situated in the heart of this municipality, just opposite the entrance to the Bernardine Garden and the Hill of Three Crosses. The charming hotel boasts 79 rooms and suites, restaurants, bar lounge and conference rooms. The interior design synthesises the use of classical and modern solutions to exude a homely yet classy vibe.

One is sure to feel safe and sound within the comforting embrace of this relaxing space. Serviced by our client Litena, the interior designers wanted to further accentuate this by using a blue hue of our FibreGuard fabrics and upholstery. Practical yet fashionable, FibreGuard has the most advanced fabric stain prevention technology in the market. Quality and vigorous testing ensure that no ink, red wine or mud stain will alter the style or colour of the fabric. Hard to believe? Have a look at the demo videos on FibreGuard’s very own YouTube channel. All tough stains are easily removed by using only a splash of water and little bit of soap. This makes it a favourite among places where mess cannot be missed like restaurants, bars and families with children and pets.

With a vast array of options to choose from, FibreGuard fabrics are suitable for any occasion. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, where safety is one’s number one priority, the avant-garde FibreGuardPro and FibreGuardOutdoor collections provide assurance and peace of mind. These unique fabric ranges are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and resistant to mildew & odours. All FibreGuard collections are woven for extra protection, performing well in even the most demanding environments. No pain, no stain. Choose FibreGuard.