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Fire Retardant, Durable Curtains and Sofas in New York

Fire Retardant, Durable Curtains and Sofas in New York

The Oxford

The Oxford, New York – evergreen condominium tower since 90’s brings FR-One Fire Retardant Furnishing Fabrics to the next level. Impressive fully furnished family homes as well as terraces and apartments in the busy village in the middle of New York.

FR-One fabrics are made with stylish designs suitable for diverse applications for countless home decor ideas, endless home furnishing plans and interior designs with a wide range of budgets for any interior enthusiasts who pay attention to quality and safety at home like you!

Be it a condo for your own family with kids accommodation or for rental or as an Airbnb, FR-One fabrics are the best choice. Reward your wife and moms with curtains made from FR-One fabrics for the kitchen near the stove. You don’t have to worry as the fabrics are rigorously tested for its self-extinguishing capabilities. It’s definitely a number one choice for your home sweet home furnishing that can fit your needs.

Relaxing on your couch sewn in FR-One fabric near the balcony on a scorching hot day with peace of mind as the fabric are fire retardant and the color won’t be dull soon. As it is also environmentally safe and not harmful to human health, you can let the couch sitting outside near the pool too.

With different color schemes and themes for your apartments, FR-One Fire Retardant Furnishing Fabrics bring you thousands of colors and designs for you to choose. All residential projects can use FR-One fabrics for drapery, sofas and beds upholstery or even soft furnishings use which are perfect for decorative accessories and house decor. Sounds thrilling? Get some inspirations and be updated by leaving us a message.