You are currently viewing Combating Urban Noise Pollution with FR One Fabrics in Rayhaan Italy

Combating Urban Noise Pollution with FR One Fabrics in Rayhaan Italy

Combating Urban Noise Pollution with FR-One Fabrics in Rayhaan Italy

FR-One Fabrics in Rayhaan Italy


Named after a beautiful and aromatic plant mentioned in the most Holy Quran, Rayhaan Hotels and Resorts are one of the most well-known luxury hotel brands in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, Italian based Mobil Projects S.P.A selectively chose FR-One fabrics for the interior design of a few of Rayhaan Resort’s great edifices.

The chain of hotels by Rayhaan Hotels and Resorts boasts impressive architectural feats like the Rose hotel which is one of the tallest hotels in the world. Another famous landmark owned by Rayhaan is the Al Marwa, a modern 5-star hotel offering Arabian-designed rooms and suites. One may already be unknowingly acquainted by its presence, as it appears in a multitude of photos standing directly behind the Masjid Al-Haram and Kaaba. All of its massive, premium properties have an alcohol free option, as Rayhaan hopes to reflect and uphold the values of their guests. Similarly, FR-One‘s fire retardant furnishings, fabrics and upholstery aim to enhance the safety and wellbeing of our most valued clients.

At the top of the fire retardant market, our FR-One fabrics have an incredibly expansive array of exclusive colours and patterns; all of which are perfect for any interior design. Quality and standard are woven within even the finest threads of the fabrics, ensuring its long lasting and colour fast properties. In a society which is becoming increasingly urbanised, noise pollution becomes an ever rising issue. Our fabrics have the ability to combat this though, as they have strong sound absorption properties, perfect for silencing the odious construction ruckus. Not only offering stunning beauty, but also practicality because of its superior top of the market fire retardant properties, FR-One complies with even the toughest international standards, including the German DIN 4102 and European EN 13773. No other fire retardant furnishings have such extensive qualifications.

No concern for burns. Choose FR-One.