You are currently viewing Al Good in Al Messila with FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics

Al Good in Al Messila with FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics

Al Good in Al Messila with FR-One Fire-Retardant Fabrics

Al Messila Qatar


Designed as a luxurious village style oasis with spacious villas, Al Messila by Marriott is a five star resort and spa just a few miles from the National Museum of Qatar. A rejuvenating space to rest and relax, the resort is the first Luxury Collection in Doha, Qatar. Exclusive only to the affluent, it offers a matchless premium lifestyle of epicurean experiences. Create lasting memories by experiencing the epitome of luxury in the resort’s villas. The private villas are nestled within the resort gardens and conveniently set aside from the palatial rooms and suites for utmost privacy. The resort boasts a large and expansive mineral spa, nicknamed “The Worlds” to further buttress it’s mystical and oriental aura. Soul comes hand in hand with body, and it is good food that nourishes both. With the elegance and craftsmanship of Michelin starred Executive Chef Stefano Ciotti, Al Messila features inspired cuisines, sure to titillate any tongue.

Premium living spaces deserve premium fabrics, and Limited Edition Interiors chose to furnish the wonderful Al Messila using our very own FR-One fabrics and upholstery. FR-One furnishings provide comfort and peace of mind. With great quality, longevity and colour fastness woven deep into every thread’s molecules, FR-One fabrics truly transform one’s house into a home. Our extensive collections of colours and patterns stand unmatched. From the deepest of olive shades to the most sensual of scarlets, FR-One has the perfect palette, made for every interior design. FR-One not only offers stunning beauty, but also practicality because of its superior top of the market fire retardant properties. FR-One complies with the toughest of international standards, including the German DIN 4102 and American NFPA 701. Able to power through literal trials by fire, our fabrics are trusted and approved even by the American coast guard and Marine navy.
It’s Al good in Al Messila with Fr-One fabrics!