Choosing a healthier environment for your pets

Ragdoll Cats Feeling At Home with FibreGuard

There is no denying that we live in an environment that is full of toxins. They come from everything that we use and touch such as cleansing solutions, makeup, food preservatives, and so on. Therefore, a lot of responsible pet owners (or mums) try to use natural, sustainable, or eco-friendly products so that their furkids and family are safe from harmful chemicals.

That list includes fabric as well. These two ragdolls were brought here (to Malaysia) from Canada and their owner tries very hard to lessen their exposure to any undue harm or stress. They live indoors and spend a lot of time lazing on sofas, beds, and cushions. And they love hiding behind curtains.

That is why their owner sought out Acacia Fabrics and even brought her cats to their gallery to hang out. For starters, Acacia uses Oeko-Tex certified sustainable fabrics. This means that the raw materials that the textile is spun from – namely, synthetic or organic fibres – are grown naturally and without harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, and herbicides.

Naturally, this makes the fabric vegan-friendly and the use of natural, least harmful methods of production means that it is also free from animal cruelty. When you choose sustainable fabrics, you could put your mind at ease; apart from doing your bit for environmental conservation, your family and pets have one less source of toxin to worry about.

In addition, all of us with pets at home (or even babies for that matter) know that dirt and stains have a way of making it onto our soft furnishings. And if you have cats, you will know that no matter how well behaved they are, you will come across scratches, rips, or runs on your upholstery, duvet covers, or cushions. 

Therefore, the other huge plus is that Acacia also offers a range of fabrics that are not only sustainable but scratch- and stain-resistant as well. So, say goodbye to the drapes and tapes that you use to cover that expensive sofa – a safe environment where your pets and children can live and play happily without damaging the furniture is now possible.