Peace at last with FibreGuard in Malaysia

Acacia success story Flexis Haus, Malaysia FibreGuard fabrics


Oh no! Your child just drew the Mona Lisa on your white sofa. How will you ever get it off? Don’t worry, FibreGuard fabric makes it incredibly easy to remove even the most multi coloured of artworks. With a few squirts of water and any kind of household soap, your couch will be able to regain its pristine sheen of white. The fabric enables you to have a calm and rested mind, knowing that you won’t have to buy a whole new sofa or spend hours trying to erase a small stain.

You’ve heard of other fabrics that claim to be safe and healthy, but are they really qualified to say that? Do you really want to take the risk that they won’t have any toxic chemicals? No need to worry, FibreGuard is certified under the internationally renowned STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® that ensures every molecule of fabric that you and your family use is safe.

Not just practical and certified, but also fashionable. Our comprehensive library has thousands of patterns and colours specially curated for your interior design. We are trusted by people all over the world, and are a favourite among hotels and restaurants. With this in mind, a prominent showroom in Malaysia: Flexis Haus, chose our fabrics to reflect and accentuate their quality and integrity in business.

If you want to see FibreGuard’s premium protection in action, or are wondering about the proper way to clean your fabric, check out our YouTube channel

for an almost ASMR like experience.

The designers Teb Interiors Inc. based in Canada also made a video

putting the ability of our fabrics to the test. They used red wine, hamburger grease, mustard, chocolate, make-up and PERMANENT markers in their review. Spoiler alert: we exceed their expectations.