You are currently viewing Green and Clean with OEKO-TEX Certified FibreGuard Fabrics at The Leonardo, Africa

Green and Clean with OEKO-TEX Certified FibreGuard Fabrics at The Leonardo, Africa

Green and Clean with OEKO-TEX Certified FibreGuard Fabrics at The Leonardo, Africa

The Leonardo Johannesburg


Towering at a massive 234 meters, The Leonardo of Sandton is Africa’s new tallest building. A concrete Hyperion, it is a beacon of hope to those within the heart of Africa’s richest square mile. The newly unfurled hotel prides itself with its contemporary comfort, and is unsurprisingly furnished by our very own FibreGuard collection. It offers the ultimate luxury living, with Deluxe Limestone & Sesame, Kronos Marble & Sesame and Peak Taupe bed bases, Deluxe Mouse & Dove headboards and Protégé Mentor Parma bed ottomans in their suites.

Restoring harmony to both the mind and body, the legacy balance spa within the hotel decked in Braveheart Spa and Peak Cloud & Quartz creates a fusion of ancient therapies with the latest in beauty and restorative wellness. Sun set city skyline helicopter tours are just a call away, as the service can be easily booked through the concierge. Professional visits are not neglected either with the boardroom chairs tastefully furnished in Trailblazer Silver and Baron Shark.

The Leonardo offers unique dining experiences, with Deluxe Feather dining chairs, appealing to all one’s senses. Pleasant aromas, smooth textures and luscious tastes, all accompanied by the heady flavour of a selection of ninety nine specially curated wines. The Leonardo really does offer some of the best food in town.

The interior designers of the hotel utilized the expansive colour palette of our fabrics well, transforming every room into a mysterious, modern and mystical paradise. From the natural Kronos Marble & Sesame to the alluring Peak Cloud and Quartz, FibreGuard offers elegance at her utmost prime. Her enchanting beauty is also paired with practicality and science, as FibreGuard is the most technologically advanced stain-resistant fabrics. In life, mistakes are bound to happen, but with Fibre Guard, you don’t have to worry. All accidental stains can be removed using only water; with a dab of soap for tougher ones. Especially family and pet friendly, our fabrics are green, clean and certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, promising that FibreGuard is free of any harmful finishes. FibreGuard cares for your safety, keeping your loved ones safe whilst protecting the environment.