FR-One Fabrics Meet the Safety Needs in Cannes, France

The Eden Hotel and Spa FR-One France

by Jade Wong

Nestled in the heart of the idyllic French Riviera seaside town of Cannes, lies The Eden Hotel and Spa. An Eden in its own right, the hotel offers an unpretentious no-frills, accommodation experience for leisure and business guests alike. Every room is thoughtfully curated with elegant light fittings, organic bedding and silk duvet covers – the walls are even stylishly decorated with Hommet paintings. With a luxurious full-service spa and a 115-seater auditorium, this resort is certainly fitted with well-designed fixtures, facilities and furniture. Indeed, true to their attentive interior design, The Eden Hotel and Spa partnered with textile décor company Denantes to meet their upholstery furnishing needs with FR-One fire-retardant fabrics. Denantes is a highly established company with almost 300 years of experience in the field, and is the exclusive distributor of FR-One fabrics.

FR-One fabrics are inherently fire-retardant, right down to the molecular level – this means that despite many washes, many uses and many years, it never loses its original purpose! These fabrics are a favourite in public establishments like The Eden Hotel and Spa as, even after serving thousands of guests, they continue to meet both local and international fire safety standards. Functionality may be aim of the game with FR-One fabrics; yet, it is the wide array of fabric styles and trends available which thrusts the brand into the spotlight as it provides endless inspiration for the intuitive interior enthusiast. The expansive fabric collection FR-One offers caters to a range of different budgets, from prudent homeowners to resplendent hoteliers, so there is no shortage of options to meet the specific exigencies of every client.

At the root of it, FR-One fabrics meets the fundamental need of each person; that is, the need for security and safety. You can guarantee your family and your guests a restful and unconcerned slumber with FR-One fire retardant fabrics. Make the upgrade today!