Fire-Retardant Fabrics You Simply Habtoor Have in Dubai

Hilton Al Habtoor City Fr-One Dubai


Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City is an upmarket and splendid waterfront hotel located next to the groovy snake-like curves of the Dubai water canal. Previously named Westin hotel, it was renamed in 2018. The luxurious property features over one thousand rooms all boasting floor to ceiling windows and scenic views of the sky scraping Burj Khalifa and modern Shiekh Zayed road. The hotel’s lobby and interiors have been inspired by the Arabic Hajar Mountains and features stylised motifs of the French Art Deco movement. Guests who stay here enjoy the many amenities provided by the hotel. A hot favourite is the twenty spa treatment rooms that feature a Hamman, steam room, whirlpools and hot tubs. This Hilton hotel really makes every effort to ensure that their guest are comfortable, offering 24 hour security and daily room service. The rooms are also wheel chair accessible in every way possible. Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor uses our FR-One fire retardant fabrics to furnish their rooms, keeping guests secure, snug and safe from fiery harm.

FR-One is not only extremely fire retardant but also safe for you and for the environment. When washed, they do not release any harmful or toxic finish. Our fabric mills are also environmentally friendly and comply above and beyond legal standards. Every inch of FR- One fabric is made from high quality material that has undergone vigorous testing and complex engineering. Our FR-One fabrics have a large collection of colours and patterns, making it perfect for every space. The designers of the hotel: Fino Interiors had knowledge of this and made full use of our extensive palette. Our fabrics are widely used in cruise ships, offices, homes and esteemed hotel chains such as Hilton, Westin and Sheraton. When it comes to qualifications, no other fire-retardant brand comes close. You simply Habtoor have these in your home!