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Fire Retardant, Ecologically Safe Curtains, Upholsteries and Bed Covering at Arlon

Fire Retardant, Ecologically Safe Curtains, Upholsteries and Bed Covering at Arlon

Van Der Valk Arlon

Van Der Valk Arlon proudly presents comfort in the middle of Luxembourg-Arlon city with furnishing fabrics from FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics to every inch of its hotel. You would be pampered with FR-One multipurpose fabrics used for their curtains, upholsteries and bed covering in each of their suites, dining places and even their kitchen and bar.

FR-One fabrics are tested for its permanent flame retardant capabilities. They would not catch any fire since the fabrics can self-extinguish. FR-One fabrics are also ecologically safe as they are not harmful to human health. They have no chemicals that are risky to human health. They are also safe for contact with human skin. No rashes after taking a nap on the bed in your room for sure. FR-One fabrics also have strong sound absorption properties. Organising private parties at your own suites or at a bar or restaurant at van Der Valk Arlon is hassle free. The fabrics could probably shut off the noise and block the sound pollution from your space to the others’ spaces between the public areas in the hotel.

You would keep sitting next to a glass door while sipping your cup of coffee on the same exact chair next to the coffee table for years and you would not see changes to the color of the fabric. FR-One fabrics are tested and certified for a longer use as they meet or exceed the recognised International performance standards. They are subjected to have a high colour fastness to light capabilities and if there is any spill from any food stains, FR-One fabrics would not change color or become fade and dull and will not tear after they are washed as they have a high colour fastness to water as well as rub fastness and tear strength.