FibreGuard Pro prevents microbial growth at Novotel Hotel in Spain

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by Joo-Hann

As humans, we coexist with the microscopic world. These tiny life forms cuddle up with you when you sit on couches, and build mega cities on your furniture. Though seemingly harmless, the surfaces that you rest on constantly put your body’s wellbeing and fitness at RISK.

However, there is no need to fret. FibreGuard Pro fabrics has got you covered. The incredibly soft and comfortable fabric has a moisture barrier that prevents the growth of more than 90% of bacteria and microbes. This ensures that you and your family are well protected and safe from harm.

As usual, our fabrics undergo intensive testing and engineering before they are released for homes all over the world to cherish and enjoy. Our entire collection is certified under the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means that there are no harmful chemicals or substances in the fabric. This makes our fabrics perfect for pet lovers, as they are perfectly safe for animals.

I am sure that you don’t want dark stains all over your newly bought furniture either. With FibreGuard fabrics, we help you with that. The moisture barrier not only prevents bacterial growth, but also makes cleaning white couches easier. With just a few squirts of water and a cloth in hand, even the most stubborn of stains can be removed. It’s just like magic. Click the video below to see just how easy it is to remove a red wine stain.

Our vast collections of colours and choices are unmatched. All beautiful, they are tailor made for you, and allow your creativity to be free. We are utilized by renowned interior designer brands like Güell Lamadrid in Barcelona because of the expansive shades that we offer.

Knowing this, Novotel Madrid Campo de las Naciones chose FibreGuard to furnish their rooms. They are a luxurious boutique hotel in Spain, located near the green El Capricho Park. The hotel has multilingual staff, and its design is inspired by nature.

Have a look at our new Velvo collection below.