Acacia, our team is committed and confident to the wonders a place or space can be transformed into.

Emilyn Home Providing Your Furnishing Needs with Acacia's Quality

Since our establishment in 2006, we have become an expert in home furnishing and an experienced player in the industry. We are able to provide custom and tailor-made solutions to you in order for you to meet your ideal home. The brand that we represent is Acacia Fabrics imported from Belgium. With the innovative fabric, collection choices and stain-free technology offered by Acacia, our team is committed and confident to the wonders a place or space can be transformed into.

Our products and services ranges from the most basic of requirements from the furnishing point of view to the broadest need be, to help our clients achieve their dream home. With our loyal customer’s base, Emilyn aims to be one of the best in our own fields.

Acacia Fabrics for Curtains and Sofa Upholstery

Curtain is such an incredible piece of fabric that sheltered us from the heat & light to make us feel cozy, and gives us the privacy we want. Without the curtain, we feel uneasy as if the outside world is watching over our behavior at home.

We offer high quality and imported fine fabrics from Acacia for window curtains with various designs and colors. There are over 800 design and color options for your selection.

We provide a comprehensive reupholstery service where you can transform your sofa from inside out. Take your sofa or chair right back to the frame and it will be re-built and upholstered with Acacia luxurious heavy weighted upholstery fabric collections.

We have a large collection of interior decoration products to meet your lifestyle and help to transform your house to a dream home.

We specializes in original and interesting designs, and within the comprehensive portfolio of Acacia fabrics we carry, you will discover an amazing breadth of prints and weaves in a dazzling array of colors and textures. From bold and contemporary to understated and classically elegant, there is a vast choice and a world of opportunity to transform your home.