A premium location with premium fabrics in Damansara Heights, Malaysia

Damansara Heights reupholstery - Sofa Collection

by Jade Wong

A place commonly referred to as the ‘Beverly Hills’ of Kuala Lumpur, it is the prime part of town. Damansara Heights is a sight to behold, as magnificent bungalows of imposing size fill the area, giving it an almost royal status. Because of its location, residents of this area have easy access to the rich delicacies the city has to offer.

Such an opulent place, of course, must be furnished with premium upholstery. Since our humble beginnings in 1994, Acacia Fabrics has transformed into an Asean power house. Our consistency and pure passion for crafting fine fabrics of the highest quality is what sets us apart.

Popular among interior consultants, who wisely utilize our vast and beautiful textile library to create sure masterpieces, appealing to the most discerning of eyes.

Our client in Damansara Heights selected three fabric collections to adorn their sofas with, the first being the Spartacus collection, which has a textured weave. The colours have a lighter feel and are delicately pastel.

The second series is named the Mingle Mangle. It has an almost mineral like colour scheme, with deep shades of velvet and natural hints of green, blue, yellow and grey.

The last collection are the Staunch textiles. Just like the name, the collection has a bold look and touch to it. The client used the Staunch 10 Marine shade, which has a strong mixture of cobalt blue and dark grey weaves.

Fabrics at Acacia do not release any harmful finishes as they are inherently created with quality threads and are not sprayed with any toxic topical sprays.

To feel our fabrics for yourself, and discover what suits you best, do book a time with us to have the full Acacia Fabrics experience.